Present Time of Need and Speed

let’s go, let’s start
plug in, log in
clubbing, druging
moving, grooving
jumping, pumping
walking, talking
names dropping, stoner rocking
foot locking, culture hopping
easy listening, sleazy kissing
body fitting, web cam stripping
ego tripping, french fry dipping
car cruising, menue choosing
take away taking, milk shaking
heart braking, love making
speed dating, heavy rotating
personal standing, audio branding
short mess sending, representing
teeth bleaching, bleach teaching
cheeting, meeting
briefing, repeating
further stepping, punchline rapping
happy slapping, bare backing
biting, fighting
breathing, releasing
down browsing
work outing
chilly lounging
housy housing
flowing, floating
supervizing, analzing
surfing, rebirthing
in coming, out going
always shining, always wanting
never ending, never knowing

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